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Displays in all Shapes and Sizes

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  • We can produce any type of display for shop windows, large display units, dividers, folders, brochure stands, lecterns or totems.
    Tecnoplastica can produce any size of plastic display, for any application. The impact of visual communications is an essential factor at all trade fairs and at any sales outlet.
    It is increasingly common for a sales corner or an advertising display to be the only physical element representing a company in the eyes of potential customers. What's more, when consumer spending is stagnant, in-store advertising systems are a very effective tool for stimulating sales in the short term. Solutions are available today that are increasingly cost-effective and guarantee excellent visual impact: backdrops, stand-alone advertising units, mini-stands and portable advertising displays. The new generation of visual communications aims to be practical and puts the focus on innovative design.
    At special events, trade fairs and during the set up of new sales outlets, customers often never get a glimpse of a company's HQ, offices or its staff. As a result, stand-alone advertising units or displays are increasingly the only elements used to convey the intended image of a product, company or service among potential customers. If they are designed with care and are particularly attractive, the image of quality and reliability will be immediately associated with the company or brand and relay its communications at the location where they interact with potential customers.
    The use of mobile advertising systems at trade fairs and sales outlets is certainly a very effective alternative given their excellent cost-impact ratio, but must be based on items that ensure maximum reliability.
    Tecnoplastica works to the specific customer requirements. We produce: