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Thermoforming for furniture

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  • We make parts of furniture and outdoor fittings, chairs, seating and shelves for hairdressers and beauty salons, wash basins, trolleys, light fittings, wall mounted displays.
    Last century, the idea of a modern home was a place that was efficient, functional, rational and elegant. Plastic played a major role in developing this line of thought: from surfaces to padding, flooring to lighting: the home embraced plastics as its role of "lifestyle machines" developed. More recently, the idea of the home has altered: we are more interested in a place that is a haven of comfort and in giving it a personal touch. Being functional is just one of several prerequisites but it is not the main one. Once again, plastics are in the forefront: the capacity of these materials to take on any shape, their adaptability and flexibility, give them great potential for improving the quality of our lives, for interpreting individual tastes and producing the most diverse formal adaptations. What's more, they guarantee a fluid approach and set the tone of an informal home. Tecnoplastica is able to offer its customers a practically endless range of decorations and accessories for every room of the home: chairs, baskets, clothes hangers, crockery, glasses, stepladders, trolleys, CD storage, shelving, picture frames, vases, umbrella stands, flowers, plants, ornaments and so on. None of the projects are standard; they are formalised and designed in line with the feedback the designer gets from the customer. We are specialised in the production of: